Audio Saturdays! CHORCHILL

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re fully aware that the new La Sudar album, The Debussy Loops, is available to stream and download now. Some call it post-drone. Some call it space elevator music. We don’t know. We’re glad it’s finished. So for the next couple of weeks, while we bask in the post-release glow, we’re going to shift the spotlight over to some of the artists we’ve discovered on Bandcamp this year.

This week: CHORCHILL

One of our favorite pastimes as we were putting together The Debussy Loops was our Tuesday and Thursday ambient walks. Mondays and Wednesdays after work we’d go out for a jog, but Tuesdays and Thursdays we’d take the vape and go down to the beautiful Astoria Park waterfront and walk around, browsing the “ambient” tag on Bandcamp to find artists currently working in the genre in order to find contemporary sounds for inspiration. We found a lot of incredible music this way.

Our most recent find is Chorchill, an artist (or artists?) working out of Germany. We haven’t dug fully into their catalog yet, but the record featured above (“Shakmat“) is a truly remarkable record of soundscapes, minimal piano work, evocative, atmospheric Rhodes-style piano sounds and remarkable chill out vibes throughout. Check out the standout tracks “Portes” and “Dimi” for a good representation of this minimalist style. A couple of other fantastic tracks like “The Hamlet Escape” and “Tea Bags” also feature synthwave-inspired blippy percussion, giving the tracks a sense of gentle propulsion that never overwhelm the tasteful melodies happening throughout. We look forward to exploring this artists work in the weeks to come. We hope you enjoy it too.

Until then don’t forget about our Songwriting Prompt Contest!! Entries are closing soon so get them in!!

Finally- here’s another picture of Astoria’s most beautiful cat, Maple. She’s sitting on the coffee table! Who would have ever thought of such a thing!

the Maple 🍁

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