Audio Saturdays! Songwriting Prompt Contest. Win 50 bucks!!

If you’re a follower of the Audio Saturdays column here, you know that for the past couple week’s we’ve been exploring the music of early 00s indie band Trousers. It was a lot of fun revisiting that old material, but now that the album is finished we’re kind of at a loss for what to do next. While we mull over some ideas, we’re going to go back to what got us here, at least for the time being.


Here’s something random I found on my phone. It’s pretty and minimalist and embryonic. From summer 2018ish. Never did anything with it, but maybe you can? Let’s make this another Audio Saturdays Songwriting Prompt contest.

I’m officially putting this acoustic snippet into the public domain. Best song using this music (either the music or the recording itself) gets $50 bucks.

the Maple 🍁

7 thoughts on “Audio Saturdays! Songwriting Prompt Contest. Win 50 bucks!!

  1. johnnyxsongs&poems May 22, 2021 / 8:27 pm

    That’s cool. I am already working on some lyrics. I’ll probably be too late with my results, but this is a very fun and creative contest. Thank you, Joe.


  2. johnnyxsongs&poems May 24, 2021 / 10:00 pm

    I got some lyrics…I need to take the time to make them work and record them..

    Don’t Let Me

    Don’t let me be the one to have to tell you
    Because you know it’s something you already know
    But If I’m going to have to tell you
    Things will change, and you will go

    Yes, I tried to hurt you
    I wanted you to feel the same
    Pain you left for me
    That morning in the rain

    But she was nothing, really, to me
    A convenient mistake
    And palliative to take
    The sting out of your bite

    I’m only saying these things
    So you know that I know that you knew
    So we can finally say goodnight
    In the cleansing light of day

    © 2021 John “JohnnyX”’ Pavlou

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