Lockdown Christmas: a short film

A few weeks ago we were asked to submit a pre-recorded piece for our friend Dalton Deschain’s Third Annual Honda Days Christmas Spectacular show. There were many ways to approach this – read something from the new book, play an old Joe Yoga song, gather up the usual suspects for some collaboration, etc. But we decided we wanted to do something entirely new.

We walked around the neighborhood shooting footage of the various Christmas goings-on in Astoria, and later sat down by the old window to collect our thoughts in writing. What eventually emerged was a story of Lockdown Christmas, and we put together this short film to document it. It went over great at the Honda Days show, and we’re happy to share it with you here.


It’s been an insane year, obviously, and all we can hope for our readers is to remain healthy and safe. We hope you are managing, we hope you are able to reach out to friends and loved ones and we hope you are finding reasons to be optimistic when you look for them.

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