Election Day: pt. 3

and it’s only late evening here
but there’s always a spin from the other side
and a drunk yelling
always makes sense
to the ears of the room

it’s gonna be a close one
it’s going to take a while to figure out what we’ve said
what did we expect?
when we’ve fed the projections
and the polls
gone to the booths split
letting another typo decide the fate of the nation


Election Day: pt. 2

and i’ve left myself these dreams
and I waste one a night

it’s sweet background music for wasted plans
but they’ve taken a backseat
to dented cans
staring at me from the kitchen counter

what i’ve allowed myself
only what is required

they’re different versions
of different thoughts
the live one backspaced over

there’s always one more voice than I counted on

cage 2