Audio Saturdays: ERF pt.3

Today we present the final installment of the “lost” La Sudar EP, “ERF”.

On Monday, we received a message from them:

hey S&W

hearing the responses from your followers to the ERF ep, got me digging around my archives for any context to the ERF recording sessions. i didn’t really find any, but i did find this image, which is likely a cover image i made for the ep. please note that hearing these tracks again, i now consider this ep “unfinished” rather than lost – i doubt i would have made cover art for five minutes of music. it must have been a project i abandoned sometime in 2011, which, as you’re aware, was right smack in the middle of my “lost years”.

yours truly, l.s.

email correspondence, nov 2020

So, without further ado, please enjoy the final available track from the “unfinished” la sudar ep, ERF, along with the cover art below.

Audio Saturdays: ERF pt.2

Today we present the second installment of the lost La Sudar EP “ERF”. If you remember from last week, we, overworked and scrambling for content, reached out to La Sudar to see if they could provide us with any audio for our Audio Saturdays feature and they came through with a “lost” ep they have no memory of recording. Here’s the second track, provocatively called “erf two”