Sunday Funnies!

In the tradition of the great Sunday Morning Funny Papers, Sunshine and Wind is proud to present an abstract cartoon.

***NEW: Sunday Funnies are now hand drawn and available for sale! *** $50 at the STORE. Drawings are original 3″x5″ black ink on cardstock and come mounted on 6″x8″ black cardstock. $50 each. See which ones are available at – inquires and special quests contact

Classic one panel action happening here. Best caption gets a free sticker!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies!

  1. johnnyxsongs&poems July 4, 2021 / 4:37 pm

    The Map is the Destination
    A full-sized atlas of the world
    We can lay over every nation
    No borders, no designations,
    A blank sheet of paper…
    A proclamation our oneness,
    Under this sundress
    Of love

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