Audio Saturdays! Songwriting Prompt contest #2

If you were around last weekend, you heard Todd Jackson’s great new single that he had submitted for the last Audio Saturdays! Songwriting Prompt Contest. We threw in the next prompt at the bottom of the page, but we’ve had a lot of interest so we figured it deserved its own post.

Also, we had a busy week! As a result, we were not able to get a proper Audio Saturdays! post up. So we figured we’d take this opportunity to make this a Thing and clarify the rules and guidelines.

  1. Using the audio prompt below, write a song or musical piece. It can be inspired by any aspect of the clip: the chords, the lyrics, the melody, the key, or something else.
  2. Submit the song to by end-of-day Sunday February 21. When we check our email Monday 22, that’s it! No late entries will be accepted!
  3. Our staff will judge our favorite and pick a winner. The winner will be announced sometime that week and receive $50 and their own feature on a forthcoming “Audio Saturdays!” post.

That’s it! The prompt is below! It’s called only “B Minor Demo”

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