Audio Saturdays: a beat waiting for a hook

Happy Saturday! There are only a few days left in Donald Trump’s siege of America, so it’s time to celebrate! We’ve been busy over here with biz and overhead stuff, so we’re going to continue to post tracks from the latest La Sudar record until we get out from the weeds. Keep an eye out for next Saturday’s audio feature – we’ve got new music from a new featured artist on deck, as well as a new contest!

But for now please enjoy “What Did You Get Your Computer for Christmas?” off the new La Sudar mixtape, “Extreme Christmas” – download on bandcamp or datpiff today! This is an instrumental jam that would be ripe for a nice hook or a sick verse so let’s say in honor of the world’s oldest terrorist leaving the White House this week, Sunshine and Wind will donate $50 to Stacy Abrams’ FAIR FIGHT in the name of the person who sends us the wildest verse or hook for this track.

scene from the Women’s March, Midtown Manhattan – Jan 2017

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