Video Week: Live Music! pt 4

One of the things we’ve missed most during the pandemic is live music, and we suspect we’re not alone. Whether it was going to see a friend’s band, going to an open mic to listen and share, or just dropping by a bar that had reliably good acts and checking out what was going on, the lack of live music has left one of the bigger holes in our life. This week at S&W we’re dipping into our archives to celebrate some of the great live performances we’ve witnessed over the years.

Pete’s Candy Store is another great venue, a thimble sized room as off the beaten path as you can get in Williamsburg, which has been home to many many great shows over the years. We’ve done the open mic, we’ve done a record release there, and we were also fortunate enough to share a bill with the songwriter James Bannon, whose contemplative virtuosity never fails to leave us breathless. Here’s a great cut from that show, the stinging “All Teeth”.

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