Audio Saturdays: ERF

With all the crazy stuff we have going on leading up to the pub of What a Future we found ourselves extremely behind on the Audio Saturdays front. So we reached out to musician-in-residence La Sudar and asked them if they had anything they could share to help out. Here’s what they said:

funny you ask because i was just going through some of the archives today and found a three song EP called “erf” from 2011 that as far as i know, i never released or promoted in any way. not only that i have no memory of ever recording it. so you can have it.

all the best, l.s.

email correspondence, nov 2020

thank goodness! as a matter of fact we do have something big brewing on the audio front, and three weeks should buy us enough time to put it together. thanks buddy!

here’s the first track, simply called ‘erf one’:

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